Energise is our Sunday School and is held  every Sunday morning from 11am. This is an hour of dynamic worship and teaching for all 4-11 year olds. Once a month, the children take part in a family Service. Parents need to sign their children in (form is in the foyer of the church) and pick them up from the class, at 12.00am.

The group is led by Jon Robinson



The vision                                 

Energise is a church-based group for children of primary school age which meets most Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 12 noon.  

The aims of Energise are for every child to:

·         learn about God, and who He is, in a relevant and exciting way;

·         come to know God as a Friend and a loving Father;

·         understand and experience the love God has for them;

·         know Jesus as a personal Saviour and for them to be filled with Holy Spirit;

·         discover his or her gifts and to use and develop their gifts within the group;

·         feel safe, secure, valued and loved within the Church setting.

These aims are promoted by means of child-appropriate worship, fun and games, craft, and exciting stories from the Bible.

Main achievements of the year

The main achievements of the year include:

·         establishing a good working team. About 30 now attend each week;

·         a more focussed approach to teaching with aims to further develop age-appropriate resources. We are still working on this;

·         the use of specific children’s talents within the group and regular once-a-month family services using the children’s skills and talents publicly;

·         ‘Tots Praise’ has been a successful venture and continues to grow in number, with new leaders and workers involved.

·         family services have become a vital part of the church calendar and we have seen people becoming Christians on these occasions.

Thanks are expressed to all those church members who have assisted in various ways at Energise during the course of the year.

Main plans for the future

Main plans for the future include:

·         to recruit and equip new workers and leaders generally and, specifically, so that two new classes can be formed for younger children thereby allowing better care and teaching to be given to all age groups;

·         to continue to encourage the children to talk to their friends about Jesus and to bring them to the group;

·         to build a strong leadership group of Sunday school workers, and have pastoral care and support put in place for the workers, as well as a yearly gift of thanks to those who have faithfully served during the year;

·         to develop the ‘Tots Praise’ with more workers and helpers;

·         to get new leaders on board with a passion for children's work and a vision to reach children.

Public benefit

Energise is mainly attended by children of parents in church but all children within the age group catered for are welcome. Children benefit from the Christian teaching of Energise and the values and morals thereby promoted. The children receive positive, encouraging and uplifting input, in a caring and loving environment and to support this, they take away a reminder of what they have learnt.

Visitors to our church can be assured that their children will be cared for during the service and that they are able to hear the Word and receive ministry during this time. There will be times when children from non-Christian backgrounds come to Energise for a one-off visit, or more regularly. It is a time for seeds to be sown and we are certain that in the future, there will be fruit from the ministry to children.

Dane and Clare, and Jonathan and Allison

For more information please contact Jonathan Robinson - 01924 383253
Email : http://office@newlifewakefield.co.uk