Fusion After School Club


Fusion is an after school club run by Jonathan Robinson in two of our local schools on a Monday and Thursday i.e. Methodist and Greenhill. Jonathan visits many other primary schools in the city taking assemblies and lessons and at Christmas takes his roadshow to 5,000 local children sharing in a fun and  contemporary way, the Christmas story.

The Vision

Fusion is a Christian club run in both the Methodist and Greenhill Primary Schools. Its aim is to ‘fuse’ my work in the schools with the church, and to create a closer link with children and a relationship with their parents. Initially the club met in church, but after a few years, we decided it would be better run in the schools. This has helped with relationships in both schools.

Fusion caters for children aged 6 to 11 years, and runs on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3.45 to 4.45 p.m. (5.30 p.m. on film nights). Each year I review the effectiveness of the club and make decisions about whether to continue, or move to a different school.

Main achievements of the year

Links with both schools, the Methodist and Greenhill, continue to be fantastic for us as a church.

Greenhill School has been linked heavily with CAP, visiting the centre and helping out within the organisation. The School Council devised ways of raising funds and collecting goods to help CAP too.

The Methodist School has been linked with us for a good number of years. The church has used the school for galas.  We have good connections with the staff, who know us really well now.

The school continues to use our church premises for their annual school leaving presentations to families. This is a great link between the church and community.

The schools have been helpful and open to everything we have done during the year. We have played games, had fun and listened to Bible stories. The informal setting allows me to introduce Christian morals and encourages the children to think about, and apply them, to their own situations.

Parents and children are coming once again to our church to an end-of-year school play that we host. Rehearsals for the play start in June. This has only happened because of continued great relationships with the school. One of the avenues in there is Fusion.

 Fusion Clubs are good from the school’s point of view: they show parents and associated organisations, such as Ofsted, that they have a connection with and from an outside community group. On a wider front, excellent relationships are forged between schools and the church, so much so that schools are happy to reciprocate church input by allowing the church use of school facilities, including equipment.

The schools, through Fusion, have wanted to give back to us as a church, CAP being the main beneficiary, with financial gifts as well as goods.

Main plans for the future

The main plan is to develop more Fusion Clubs. It would be great to have a large team of people running clubs all over Wakefield. Volunteers are required in support roles.                               

Public benefit

Fusion Clubs seek to have a positive and beneficial impact upon the children who are directly involved and, more widely, on families and school staff who may also be influenced. It is clear that over the years, less and less children have any connection with church, indeed many have no knowledge whatsoever of the Bible and its stories. We cannot underestimate the impact on the lives of children in primary school when we are directly teaching from the Bible and sharing God’s love. Whilst the doors into schools remain open, we must continue to take the opportunities presented to us and take the gospel to our community.


For more information contact Jonathan Robinson - 01924 383253

Email office@newlifewakefield.co.uk