Leaders Network


On the second Wednesday of every month, from 11.15am-1.30pm, we hold our leaders network meeting.

These sessions are for those in or have retired from, full time ministry and invitation to the group is on a relationship basis. We are all friends of someone in the group who has invited us! Attendance is not on any denominational basis and indeed, the network has leaders from many different denominations and networks.

We’re not unfriendly and the goal of the group is to help and encourage, all those in ministry so if you feel such a group would help you, then give Kevin Foster a call-we really would love to see you.

The aim of the group is to be a blessing not a burden and we always spend time during our time together, to pray into the lives of one another. In particular, we want to welcome wives and husbands of those in ministry to share with us-your role is vital and we want to bless and encourage you too!

At the moment, we have up to 35 ministers/wives/husbands who attend each month to enjoy worship, ministry from one of the group, and fellowship together. We round the time off with a free two course meal.

For more information email : office@newlifewakefield.co.uk