New Life Pre School & Nursery !

We have an excellent Pre School and Nursery in the church which runs every week day from 7.30am-6.00pm. Full and part time places are available from the ages of 0-5 years and there are funded places for 2, 3, and 4 year olds.

The pre-school is led by our manager Lisa Oldroyd,  

why not ask her for a visit and look round!


For further enquiries please contact Lisa Oldroyd or Rachel Parker on 01924 375060or e-mail

Pre-School and Nursery


To deliver the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Framework’ and provide a balance of adult and child initiated play within a safe and secure Christian environment.

To support all of the children and their families in coming to know the love, friendship and personal knowledge of a God who loves them.

Main achievements of the year

Fundraising/Outreach Activities

Fundraising has continued to be effective with the Pre-School and Nursery, raising £1,329.90 this year: the sum has been given to several Charities.


The Pre-School and Nursery now has three members of staff educated to Degree Level, one with a Foundation Degree, and the remaining staff are qualified at Level 2 and 3. Lisa Oldroyd holds the Early Years Professional Status which at present is equivalent to the new Early Years Teacher Status.

Family Services

Family services have continued to be very successful with very positive feedback from our families.  We have seen an increased number of parents and families attending these and the buffet meals afterwards.

Pre-School Meal for Parents

Each May and November the Pre-School invite parents to join the practitioners and Church members to enjoy a buffet prepared by the Pre-School. This has been very well attended so far and a good opportunity to get to know our parents better on a more personal note.

Team Members

Over the last year, we have had a slight increase in turnover of staff due to the responsibilities of the job role and the stringent recruitment processes.  We have two long term members of staff, Lisa Oldroyd and Kelly Reid.

Quality Improvements

We have continued to improve the setting and keep in line with Reggio Emilia settings in Italy, as well as maintaining a home-from-home environment.  We have made smaller cosy spaces which are communication friendly and support our children in developing language. 

We have started to develop the Church garden to enable our children to grow vegetables to eat together at mealtimes.  We focus on providing healthy nutritious meals using the ‘School Food Trust’ as a guide to develop our menus.

The Pre-School is an ECAT (Every Child a Talker) setting where activities focus on developing language through small group work. 

Practitioners receive regular training that counts towards CPD (Continuing Professional Development).  The Designated Safeguarding Officer (Lisa Oldroyd) has a Level 3 Child Protection Certificate in line with Ofsted Requirements.


Practitioners plan ‘In the moment’ rather than forward planning. Staff follow the children’s interests and use teachable moments to challenge and extend learning as well as set ‘next steps’ from the seven areas of learning.  Floor books are used to give children ownership of their own work and confidence to talk about what they are learning.

Main plans for the future

The Pre-School and Nursery had its Ofsted inspection in March and received ‘Good’ in every area.  The Inspector agreed the need to develop the Church garden and our outdoor space as some of our improvements.

Future plans are to expand the number of spaces for babies and two year olds once a new building becomes available.  The Pre-School wishes to continue offering social events that will encourage relationships between our parents and the Church.

I would like to offer training sessions for our parents and termly ‘inspire’ days.

Public Benefit

The Pre-School and Nursery continues to provide a service to parents and children 0-8 years from all parts of the community.  We are supported by Barbara Sharp (Area SENCO for our setting) who works with families supporting children with additional needs. The Early Years Team at Wakefield Council continues to visit the setting and work with us to ensure we have access to training and development needs. 

The Pre-School and Nursery continues to fundraise for different Charities each year showing the children in our care the importance of helping others in need. 

God Bless

Lisa and team