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Primary Schools

The vision

The vision for the New Life ministry into primary schools is two-fold:

a.         to make Christianity attractive, lively, fun and accessible to the children. A variety of established and modern techniques are used, including story-telling, videos and PowerPoint slides, ‘magic’ tricks, drama and song;

b.         to create a link between the church, the children and the school. Bridges are built through taking assemblies and RE lessons, helping with themed weeks, such as Healthy Week, sports events and galas, running ‘Fusion’ (after-school clubs), the annual Christmas Road Show and inviting parents to family services at NLCC.

Please also see ‘Fusion’ report for further achievements and plans for the future.

Main achievements of the year

I am involved, and have great relationships, with 30 primary schools in and around the Wakefield area.

I regularly take assemblies in my main schools.  One of these is Crofton Junior, who asked me to be their community representative or pastoral vicar. I go in each month to be their community representative. They have established a great link with CAP and are collecting clothes and goods each month for them.

‘The X mas Factor’ Christmas Road Show was again well received, and fully booked from September 2015.   The roadshow followed the theme of TV show ‘X factor’ but told the Christmas story in a relevant way to the children.

About £1,000 was raised through the roadshow: this went to CAP and the church. This was a way of the schools saying thank you to me.

I continue to take lessons, assemblies and after school clubs and am pleased to report they are well received.

Main plans for the future

The harvest festivals are well established. See photo above for another wealth of fruit and vegetables, as well as other produce, collected.

Public benefit

All aspects of the work in schools covered by this report, including the teaching of Christian principles, seek to have a positive and beneficial impact upon the children who are direct ‘recipients’, and on families and school staff who may also be influenced.


Jonathan Robinson


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