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Connect Group comments

  • Attending the connect group provides friendship and fellowship with other Christians but also a lot more. We look forward to attending the group because it brings everyone together all with the same purpose learning more about God, studying His word and growing together. We find the Connect group encourages and supports us and a great blessing to us. John and Lynn Fowley
  • Joining a Connect Group has given me lots of confidence and I have made a lot of new and encouraging friends; it’s a warm and loving place to share the love of God. I’ve gained a much better understanding without feelings of guilt or doubts about my own perceptions of the Bible and Christianity. Lynn Varley
  • Regular attendance at a connect group has greatly increased my confidence in all aspects of my life, particularly in expressing my opinions. I have been embraced as part of the groups identity of a knowledgeable, compassionate, loving and approachable Christian family. Our weekly study imparts to me the Bible in an understandable, factual, interesting and relevant way. Not only relevant to me, but to everyone’s life at any given time and circumstance. Anne Tucker
  • I did the Alpha course and it really changed my life; then I joined a Connect Group where I could grow and ask questions, feeling safe, supported and loved. Praise God. Brenda Baker.
  • I joined my Connect Group after I had completed Alpha courses 1 and 2 nine years ago. I had loved Alpha and said to someone at church that I wondered what to do with my Thursday evenings when it was all over. The suggestion came back that I join a Connect Group. I did just that and I've been there ever since; I'm the longest attending group member. The group attendees have changed over the years but it’s always remained a loving and caring place.

    We usually all start the evening with a chat about what's happened since we last met. The group is a safe and trusting place to discuss any cares that anyone has and we have seen answers to many, many prayers. We often look at a bible-based theme over a few weeks. The host gives us a little study guide that he's prepared for us and he even personalises it with our name. Everyone matters and is cared for by all of us. I find the discussions we have on the various sections of the bible very helpful and it's very good to listen to each person's perspective.

    I also enjoy the socials we have from time to time, and the away days to events and conferences at other churches.
    Joan Bailey