Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care team

There are many aspects of pastoral care within church life, both formal and informal. The pastoral care team have been involved mainly in visiting those church members who are ill or unable to come to church. They have been visited weekly to monthly, depending on need.  This provides companionship, friendship, emotional support and prayer, with deepening of relationships.

One of our members, Florrie Booth, has been living in Sycamores Care Home, as she was no longer able to stay in her own home.  Since July 2015 a team has been taking monthly services at Sycamores, primarily for Florrie, but also for other Christian residents. We have also hoped  that those without faith  would have a chance to respond to the gospel. A faithful team has taken part,  and particular thanks to David Ogier on the keyboard, with Elizabeth Hibbert stepping in when needed. I have been encouraged by the way the team responded and committed themselves to this new ministry. It was a joy to be  able to share Christmas , Easter and Pentecost with the residents, and to get  to know some of them.

Appointments are available on a Monday morning at church, for anyone who would like to talk, and receive prayer. This has not been used as much as originally planned for.

Two members attended an event encouraging churches to fully value older Church members, while two attended another event helping us be more thoughtful in the way we help those with disabilities to be fully part of church  life.

As far as benefit to the community is concerned, the team has worked along side agencies which provide practical help, to meet spiritual and emotional


Sandra Gordon and Team